Which hispanic athlete signed the biggest sports deal in history?

Answer In 2007, Alex Rodriguez ("A-Rod") signed a 10-year $275 million deal--the biggest contract in sports history as of 2010, according to Major League Baseball. A-Rod's new contract broke the record se... Read More »

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If you sign a letter of intent to a collage to play sports can they lower the $ amount that you signed for?

Did the letter state the amount? If it states the amount and your brother has a copy, they have to offer you the 90%. If you have no proof, they can lower it. Always get everything written down ... Read More »

Why does a trained athlete have a better lung capacity than a untrained athlete?

They are used to running around and doing much harder work than the untrained athlete.

How to Deal With Pressure in Sports?

Everyone who’s ever played in sports has gone through the time where the game was on the line. The winning runner is on third or there's two seconds left in the basketball game. Here are a few ti... Read More »

Oprah Winfrey signed a 55 million radio deal with what radio medium?

It was in the 12 season episode 6.Watch it on