Which headphones are cheap and good?

Answer Sennheiser 202's Mark II, I don't own them but they have many good reviews, I own these and they are brilliant! Sennheiser HD 555

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Suggestions for cheap but good headphones (Over ear)?

The monoprice is normally recommend by audiophile for people on a budget, so yeah it should be pretty good.You should take a look at the Panasonic HTF600 and Superlux HD681.

Which Headphones is good for bass and metal?

Of the two you mentioned, I'd get the XB500s. (in fact, I *will* add them to my collection soon)

How you can know which headphones are good quality?

Answer Look for the dynamic range that they cover (Ex. 25 to 30kHz) Noise cancelling feature is another great feature - blocks out most all other room sounds.Basically, you do get what you pay fo... Read More »

Over ear headphones or in ear headphones which lasts longer which should I get and why do you think I should get them please tell me reasons on why you would get them?