Which hdmi cable is needed for a samsung 1080p tv?

Answer A cable can only transmit the information that is put into it. It won't improve a picture. advises that you not spend more than $10 on a 6-foot HDMI cable.Source:CNET Reviews: Which HDMI C... Read More »

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What density HDMI cable do I need for my 1080p LCD TV?

There is no current benefit to using a high-density HDMI cable, so any density cable will suffice. The intended purpose of a high-density HDMI cable is to transfer a greater amount of data per sec... Read More »

Is the qed series one hdmi cable 1080p?

Yes, in fact it should be able to handle at least 1200p

HDMI cable for 50" HDTV, 1080p, 600Hz?

The BestBuy HDMI cable will work with your TV. All HDMI cables are pretty much the same. Since HDMI is digital the quality of the cable doesn't really matter, it just works or it doesn't. Stores li... Read More »

What HDMI cable do I get to use with my new Samsung 3D T.V and Samsung 3D bluray player?

Save your money and buy the cheapest one with the best return policy (just to cover all bases in case you need to return it)HDMI cable is HDMI cable and no amount of advertising by Monster and Sony... Read More »