Which has more drama: Facebook or Wikipedia?

Answer Wikipedia has more drama. As more seniors get on Facebook, teens are getting bored of Facebook and channeling their teenage angst elsewhere. Meanwhile, Wikipedia continues to attract ignorant blowh... Read More »

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Which is more reliable Wikipedia or Yahoo Answers?

Absolutely, Wikipedia. Yahoo Answers could be easily manipulated to help someone gain points, laden with spam and defamatory content that is hard to remove, such as the answer at http://answers.yah... Read More »

Which TV genre do people in general really want to watch a normal life drama or a supernatural drama?

this is just my opinion but i would say supernatrual drama.Maybe real life drama, in my opinion btw.

Facebook or hi5 which one do you use more?

If your Hi5 has been blank for nearly a year, then you've answered your own question. Facebook has officially taken over the world

Why do they start total drama the musical if there is no total drama drama drama drama action?

there is 1 thing wrong in your ? it is called world tour but they{the competitors} sing anyway the manhunt movie is the total drama drama drama action