Which has lowest power consumption?

Answer If you look up the wattage of any projector or lcd tv it will state the power consumtion so you can compare products before you buy.

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LCD Power Consumption - How can you Lower the Power Consumption of an LCD Monitor?

1. Pick an LCD monitor that has low energy costs compared to its size. HP, Lenovo & Samsung meet the mark with their 19-22" models2. The LCD backlight consumes almost 66% of the electricity require... Read More »

What is the power consumption of a box fan?

The size, speed and age of your box fan as well as the speeds at which you use it will determine how much power it consumes. On average, a 24-inch box fan consumes 30.6 KWH (kilowatt hours) of ener... Read More »

How do you reduce power consumption?

There are many ways to save energy. Start by unplugging devices you don't use. Usually something like a TV with an "instant on" function will use energy 24/7. Turn off your computers and monitors ... Read More »

Dell Power Usage - How Much Power Does a Dell LCD Monitor Use in Regular Consumption?

Dell is a known power hog but some of its models have improved usage over the years.The best ones are 22" Dell G2210 and 24" G2410. Both LCD monitors consume just 0.48 watts on standby with an annu... Read More »