Which has higher density, a grape or vegetable oil?

Answer Oils aren't measured by "density." Oils are judged by their "Smoke Point" when used for cooking. Some foods need oils with higher smoke points to cook the food without the oil burning before the ... Read More »

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Is a grape a fruit or vegetable?

A grape is a fruit that is a botanically considered a berry. Grapes grow on perennial vines and are available in many varieties that are used for making wine, jam or jelly, eating raw or drying int... Read More »

Mozzarella Cheese or Cheddar Cheese Grape Juice or Grape Soda Peppers or Onions?

It really depends what the cheese is on/with. For example, on Italian food, I obviously want mozzarella...but in Mexican food, I want cheddar. I guess if I have to choose, I pick mozzarella. Grape ... Read More »

What is the difference between low density&high density heating elements?

The density of a heating element in a water heater refers to the wattage of the element in relation to the amount of its surface area. As the elements density lowers, so does the temperature at whi... Read More »

Why does comcast raise their rates all the time why don't they be like direct tv etc and just have a set price that doesn't keep getting higher and higher?

It's not Patrick Dempsey in the commercial. That's why the actor is so blurry and out of focus. It's a lame attempt by Direct TV to make you think they have a celebrity endorsement.