Which has faster speed 3G or wifi Also 4G or wifi?

Answer With 3G you get 7 Mbit/s if you re lucky. WiFi usually has 54 Mbit/s but a new standard promises 600. However, the actual speed depends on your ADSL Connection. With 4G you can get more than 100 ... Read More »

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My defective Wifi Card I have a latop that have defective wifi. How can I have wifi connection even if I don’t?

Yes, you can now have wi-fi connection again even if you don’t need to open your laptop and replace your wi-fi card. There are now portable wi-fi that you can insert through USB to replace your d... Read More »

Is it possible too connect a computer without wifi too one with wifi too get wifi?

my answer is yes here is how I will have to assume a few things since you question is a bit vague ( aka you don't say the comp's you are using for this are 2 laptops, 1 desktop- 1 laptop or 1 de... Read More »

Is 4g faster than wifi?

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What is faster wifi or 2g?