Which has better sound output: hdmi cables or optical cables?

Answer Optical cables (and digital coaxial cables) are capable of all the audio formats supported by DVD-Video.That includes 1.5 Mbps dts, 448 Kbps Dolby Digital and Linear PCM stereo tracks up to 24-bit/... Read More »

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PS3 Cables: HDMI and Digital Optical What if I use both?

Yes you can, I have it hooked up that way and have had no probs, been playing mine since release!!! I run an Onkyo reciever and don't use the Tv speakers, why would I want to!!!!!!!!!! oh and on yo... Read More »

If your Vizio LCD TV only has an optical audio output how do you hook up your RCA cables that go to your stereo?

You need to buy a "Digital to Analog audio converter" (around $70 with Gefen brand). It will convert the Digital output (Optical) into a analog signal for your speakers. These converters rarely pr... Read More »

Which is better for High Def output using S Video cables that are provided or buying more expensive monster cables?

Truth is, unless you're a really video savvy individual, chances are that you'd not see much of a difference. Monster brand cables specialize in oxygen free cable manufacturing techniques for thei... Read More »

Are optical cables the best for sound or is there a better cable?

Actually optical (TOSLINK) is, at best, only as good as digital coax (the electrical version of SPDIF). It's sensitive to bending, prone to jitter (timing errors) and also rapid signal drop-off unl... Read More »