Which has a higher frequency, AM or FM radio?

Answer AM radio operates on a lower frequency than FM radio on the electromagnetic spectrum. AM frequencies range from 535 to 1705 kilohertz while FM frequencies range from 88 to 108 megahertz. AM stands ... Read More »

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I've heard that street lamps can give off radio intereference so does electricity give off radio frequency?

Everything electrical has the potential of giving off electromagnetic radiation, known as radio waves. The frequency of theses waves can vary from different sources. Some might only affect lower ... Read More »

What frequency or wavelength is bbc radio 1?

Not sure about Northern Ireland but you can't in Southern Ireland.

Frequency for BBC radio 1xtra?

On Saturday nights (from 7:00pm till some time after midnight) the frequency is 98.8, Instead of BBC radio 1. As for the rest of the week I dunno :/ On a personal note, listen to Saturday 12ths Xt... Read More »

What is the frequency of BBC Moorlands radio?