Which group currently has better control over Wikipedia: pedophiles or terrorists?

Answer No offense, but I'm afraid the people calling this a "loaded" question have a point. The first problem is that there are too many different kinds of terrorists, each with a different goal, agenda, ... Read More »

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Which is better: Google or Wikipedia?

Which is better APPLES or ORANGES?One is a search engine, while the other is an online encyclopedia... Myself, I go with and Wikipedia!!! But that's just me.I know, lets make fruit salad!.

Which is better....wikipedia or knol?

Doubtless there are Isolated brilliant essays on Knol which could never appear on Wikipedia, but Wikipedia has reliable information on a vast array of subjects, while Knol is an interesting start u... Read More »

Which is better wikipedia or uncylopedia?

Wikipedia is for factual information where as Uncylopedia is for non-factual information. As such Wikipedia would be the better location to search for facts while Uncylopedia is a better place for ... Read More »

Which is better Encyclopedia Dramatica vs. Uncyclopedia vs. Wikipedia?

It's hard to say objectively which is "better"; each fills a particular niche. Wikipedia clearly has the edge by a long shot when it comes to plain facts, while Uncyclopedia and Encyclopedia Dramat... Read More »