Which graphics card to buy?

Answer The GTX 460 is much better than a Radeon HD 6770 (which is just a renamed 5770)…Also, some older motherboards with original version 1.0 PCI-E x16 slots a... Read More »

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Are there any external graphics card for laptops if yes then which company n wats the cost of 1 gb card?

Yes, there are a couple.Originally there was the Asus XG station but it was discontinued without ever making it to mass market- I think it was released for a very short time in Australia? Not reall... Read More »

Which graphics card will be suitable for my PC which has 2gb ram,2.93GHz processor.?

go for 6670 1gb gddr ram and graphics card has no relation so go for any other card if you like by your self but i think you should go for 6670 1gb card and you also need a 450w psu ................. Read More »

Which is the best graphics card to buy which will make flight sim x look great?

Unfortunately, All-In One computers like the HP Touchsmart series cannot be upgraded other than adding RAM. The graphics "card" is a permanent chipset on the motherboard, just like with laptops.Re... Read More »

Which graphics card should I get?

Definitely the HD 6570, no doubt it wins hands down against all the other cards you specified, in price and performance