Which graphics card is better and how do you know?

Answer The XFX is better.More cores do indeed help, as do higher clock rates.Reasons for the price difference would include:1) Sapphire is a slightly more expensive brand overall, they are considered THE ... Read More »

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Which is a better graphics card?

The first answer is COMPLETELY wrong!First of all, the Sims isn't overly demanding so any of those 3 cards would work. However, in order from slowest to fastest:Radeon HD 7570 < GeForce GT 640 < R... Read More »

Which graphics card is better?

The 9500GT is better than his Radeon 2400, but not a great value for the money. The Radeon 4650 and GeForce GT220 outperform the 9500GT for around the same price. Read More »

Can u plz tell me which one is better graphics card?

Computer Graphics card. Which is better?

You should choose Nvidia Geforce GT 650M. You can run it on mid settings if your CPU and RAM and good enough!GW2 is sold out on official site,I just bought 3 copies of GW 2 for my friends at Gameho... Read More »