Which graphics card is better NVIDIA Quadro FX 380 or ATI FirePro V3800?

Answer ATI FirePro V3800……

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For the Nvidia series, which graphics card is the latest one?

The newest Nvidia cards are the 6xx models.Of course newest doesn't necessarily mean best, Nvidia and AMD release card models for various price ranges and performance levels. The GTX 640 is still ... Read More »

Which graphics card should I buy ( Nvidia Geforce 9400 or 8400 )?

you would be lucky if the 9400 would even play games at high for you.i have the 8500gt in my sons computer and it wont play deadspace without lagging.go for the 9400.they are nice cards and if your... Read More »

My pc has a Integrated NVIDIA GeForce 6150 LE graphics card but i want someting better to play high end games?

Firstly, You Cant Take Out An Intergrated One...Just Find Out If Your Chipset Takes AGP or PCI-E.And Buy One.Secondly. Your Getting Nothing For £30 !You Need To Spend Something Like £80 - £120 F... Read More »

Which Video Card is Better ATI VS nVIDIA?

Here's a simple site to show the benchmarks of the cards:…