Which grammar school did peter penfold attend?

Answer Peter Penfold attended the Sutton Grammar School for Boys before embarking on his career in UK politics. The school was founded in 1899. Peter Penfold was the British High Commissioner and also the... Read More »

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What grammar school did shakespeare attend?

William Shakespeare's father was the alderman of his hometown, Stratford-upon Avon, which enabled his children to have a free education. Here, young Shakespeare would have begun attending King Edwa... Read More »

Is it more advisable for a child with Down syndrome to attend a mainstream school or to attend a school for special-needs kids?

It depends on the severity of Down syndrome. Consult with a Down syndrome specialist.

The Similarities Between Grammar School & High School?

At first glance, grammar school and high school may not seem to have much in common. A closer look reveals common ground between grammar school students in their early education and high school stu... Read More »

How to Get Into a Private Secondary School in England when You Attend a State Primary School?

Even if you went to a state primary school, it's still possible to get into a private secondary school. It will take some work, but it's possible.