Which gradual filter to use?

Answer Buy a circular polarizer. Don't waste money on some cheap, no-name one. Buy quality: Heliopan, Hoya, B+W, Tiffen, Singh-Ray. If you'll be using it on a wide angle lens I suggest buying a "thin" or ... Read More »

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The Best Gradual Fake Tan?

Fake tans are a safe way to achieve bronzed skin while avoiding the sun's harmful rays. Traditional tanning, achieved through hours of baking in the sun to darken the skin, causes skin damage, prem... Read More »

How to Cut Gradual Layers into Your Own Hair?

A good haircut is the key to a good look, but between coloring treatments and hair cuts, salon costs can break the bank. Even worse, sometimes it's difficult to get an appointment at your favorite... Read More »

How to Respect the Power of Gradual?

There are no quick fixes. Making change in your life takes time. When you work at something day in and day out, you achieve huge positive change in your life. If you don’t stick to it, your resul... Read More »

How to Apply Gradual Tanner?

Gradual tanner builds a tan up day by day, giving you more control over your colour and making it easy to maintain your tan.