Which games work on the iPod nano 3rd generation?

Answer Pretty much just itune's games. I have searched for free games but there's no use. It will always say it doesnt work.

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Are there games for the Ipod Nano 2nd generation?

There are four games for the iPod Nano 2nd Generation: Brick, Music Quiz, Parachute and Solitaire. None of the games for sale on the iTunes Music store are compatible with this model.

Can you download games for second generation ipod nano?

No, you can't download games to the second generation ipod nano because it doesn't have the software to play other games. But you can download games for the third generation ipod nano. Hope that he... Read More »

How does genius work on ipod nano 5th generation?

It analyses your music and compares it to other iTunes users taste and suggests which songs that works great together.

Can ipod nano 3rd generation work with windows 2000?

Just purchased the Ipod Nano (3rd generation) today, and got home, sat down on my computer operated by Windows 2000, and I am experiencing troubles. I go to, download iTunes 7.5, c... Read More »