What is the closest anyone has come to winning the top prize on the game show moment of truth?

Answer you have to have married parents and at least two siblings

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How to Play the Card Game "Crazy Pretzel"?

So you're have a few extra decks of cards and some really bored friends, but nothing to do? Try a new card game called Crazy Pretzel. It's a lot like Uno, but you create your own rules to have a gr... Read More »

Can you beat my score in Crazy Taxi Game?

my score in this game is 4,001,563.....! keep it up bro..!

Fallout 3 lags like crazy on my system but no other game does. WTF?

Do you play Fallout 3 New Vegas?I played it too, and encountered the very same BUG. Just download the latest patches or a hotfix for this bug and your fps will dramatically increase. Happy playing,... Read More »

Crazy doctor, or crazy patient?

I would recommend that you get a second opinion from another doctor. Your symptoms sound pretty serious.