Which fx pedal is best please help me....?

Answer lol I can see what you mean now by the comments.I really have no idea about guitars, sorry (my brother plays one, but thats about all I know)but maybe look at this website for more help:http://www.... Read More »

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Help please! Which one is best............?

Which picture of me is best help please!!?

Which is the best laptop brand Please help me.?

If you want great cooling & battery power , then DELL.If low price then TOSHIBA.If performance then APPLE or HP

Coaxial vs. Optical audio connections... which is best for DVD help please...?

From my professional experience, the durability of coax vs the cost of fiber optic is the only reason to recommend coax. The expensive part about fiber optics is the terminations, the ends, but why... Read More »