Which fx pedal is best please help me....?

Answer lol I can see what you mean now by the comments.I really have no idea about guitars, sorry (my brother plays one, but thats about all I know)but maybe look at this website for more help:http://www.... Read More »

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Can you use a guitar hero world tour drum pedal&rock band 2 drum pedal together?

According to the compatibility list on on the Rock Band website, the drums can be used interchangeably between the two games. With the release of the similar games from the two companies, compatib... Read More »

How Can I Tell If I Have a CTS Pedal?

At the time of the accelerator pedal recall early in 2010, Toyota used accelerators from two suppliers. The Japanese supplier was Denso and the American supplier was CTS Automotive Products. The ... Read More »

How to Use a Phaser Pedal?

A phaser pedal is an effect pedal for a guitar or other instrument that runs sound through various filters driven by an oscillator. It sends the signal in and out of phase to give it a swirling sou... Read More »

How to Use a Double Pedal?

The double pedal allows you to use double bass techniques with a single bass drum. It is suited for drummers who do not wish to carry an extra bass drum with them and for those who use double bass ... Read More »