Which fujifilm film is compatible with a polaroid 600 instant camera?

Answer Fuji film does not make a type600 replacement. If you want an integral type film (like 600), then take a look at the Fuji Instax line of cameras. These use Fuji own Instax film.f you wish to get a ... Read More »

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Can I use Polaroid Platinum 600 film in a Polaroid 600 instant camera?

The Polaroid Platinum 600 film will work in any 600 type camera. In researching this question, it appears that many places online are featuring the photos of the Platinum boxes but shipping standar... Read More »

How to Load a Polaroid Spectra System Instant Film Camera?

Everyday, people use digital cameras. Now, we are going to show you how to load a Polaroid Spectra System Instant Film Camera.

New polaroid instant film?

Miss,You didn't continue your question to say whether the reason you're asking is that you'd like instant film for a Polaroid camera that isn't the 300 model. Is that the case?If so, look for film ... Read More »

Does Fuji instant film work for the Polaroid 600?

Yes. There is a type of Fuji instant film that is compatible with 600 series Polaroid cameras. This type is Fuji FP 3000B film. Most Polaroid cameras will accept some type of Fuji Instant film, but... Read More »