Which fuel is the best to cook food while camping?

Answer On One Hand: Gas CanistersLPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) canisters use a combination of butane and propane and are popular among three-season backpackers and campers. They are the easiest stoves to use... Read More »

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What are some good meals to cook while camping?

Weight, storage and cooking are key considerations when choosing. Weight -- you gotta pack it in (and trash out if you're a good camper!) Storage -- protected, packable, non-perishable. Cooking ... Read More »

Can chafing fuel be used for camping?

Chafing fuel, most commonly associated with the chafing dishes found on buffet lines, may be used to heat food while camping. Although chafing fuel does not weight a lot, a benefit for campers, the... Read More »

How to Buy Food for Camping?

Preparing for a camping trip is an essential step in setting yourself up for a successful adventure, and buying food is a key element of being prepared. Selecting food for your outing can be easy a... Read More »

Food Checklist for Camping?

Camping is an excellent vacation that the entire family can share. When camping in the wild outdoors, it is important to carry the right food for roughing it. Keep it simple when you pack food for ... Read More »