Which from this list would u not want to eat under any circumstances?

Answer F, dislike dislike dislike!

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Under what circumstances should someone be given ipecac?

Answer try looking on the door jams of the back doors themselves. it is there on my caddy.

Is there a Drink that you will never try under any circumstances?

Hmm, I guess I would also say vegetable juice. I love vegetables but I've never tried vegetable juice and I don't want to try it-.-

How to get wifi in my circumstances?

Both broadband and wifi hook to the same network (the Internet). If you have broadband Internet coming into your home, then you have (almost) everything you need for wifi. What you need is to add... Read More »

Which type of Pizza will you never have under any circumstances?

M&M pizza, I never knew their was such a thing till a few neighbors of mine made one, The thought of it makes me wanna throw up.