Which friends appear firstly in "the friends box" when you view other people's profile in FB?

Answer facebook mainly puts mutual friends in there then recommendations of people you may know that this person knows. etc.

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Is it true that those friends that appear in your facebook profile are the ones that view your profile the mos?

No it changes at random. I just kept clicking refresh and it changes. Try it on your profile page to see..

Is the 8 friends that come up on my fb time line, the people that view my profile the most?

On Facebook, why does the amount of mutual friends when you go view the list on the actual profile page?

no, it's not because they have their friends list hidden, it's because they either deactivated their account, or their account was suspended for breaking the rulesthe counts get all messed up then ... Read More »

Can my friends view how many friends i have on facebook?

yes, they will be. It is listed under the "My friends" box on your profile. Though I think there may be a way to make that box invisible. don't sweat it though, everyone knows new-bees to Facebook ... Read More »