Which freezes quicker: hot or cold water?

Answer Cold water freezes faster than hot water. However, it is possible for hot water to freeze faster in certain circumstances. For example, if you had equal parts hot and cold water, the rate at which... Read More »

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Which freezes first: hot water or cold?

Hot water can in fact freeze before cold water can. This is called the Mpemba effect. This will happen when the hot water is at a boiling temperature. The resulting evaporation process will cause t... Read More »

How Cold Can My Battery Be Before It Freezes in the Car?

Automobile batteries function differently at certain temperatures and states of charge. A battery's effectiveness, or cranking amps and cranking duration, depend upon the outside ambient temperatur... Read More »

What freezes faster salt water or sugar water?

sugar is a covalent compound where as salt is an ionic compound,so salt while dissolving in the water splits. This is mainly dependent of the 'total dissolved partical' concentration (mol/L): Suga... Read More »

Science Project Ideas: Does Soda Lose Its Carbonation Quicker in Heat or Cold?

It is well known that soda loses some degree of carbonation once it has been opened and is left exposed to atmospheric pressure. It may be that temperature has an effect upon the rate of carbon di... Read More »