Which fossil fuel is made mostly of methane?

Answer Natural gas consists of approximately 70 to 90 percent methane. Natural gas is a fossil fuel formed from vegetation and bio-matter that is compressed beneath the Earth's surface. Other flammable co... Read More »

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What fossil fuel consists mostly of methane?

Natural gas is primarily made of methane. Up to 90 percent of natural gas is methane, with other gases including ethane, propane and butane. Natural gas is a fossil fuel, formed primarily from plan... Read More »

Is methane a fossil fuel?

Technically, methane is not a fossil fuel. It has been observed in conditions where life (as we know it), does not occur--on Saturn's moon Titan, for example. These observations show that life isn'... Read More »

Which fossil fuel is a major export of mexico?

Mexico's major fossil fuel export is from crude-oil based petroleum and petroleum-related products. Mexico also exports minor amounts of coal and natural gas. Mexico exported over $3 billion dollar... Read More »

Which fossil fuel is used most to produce energy?

Liquid petroleum products provide most of the world's energy. Out of a total ~500 quadrillion Btu (British thermal units) used per year, petroleum provides about 40 percent of the energy. Coal prov... Read More »