Which forces cause upward movement in a plant?

Answer Vascualr tissue is the tissue that allows water to move up in plants. However the main reason water is able to move up in plants is because of the cohesive and adhesive nature of water. Water has a... Read More »

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What forces cause upward movement in a plant?

water moves up because root pressure,conhesion ,and transpiration

What causes a plant to grow upward?

Okay, well there is tropism and stimulus. The stimulus can be gravity, light, and touch. So it depends... If there is a window above the plant and it is reaching upwards towards it... then it would... Read More »

Which organelle if empty would cause the plant to wilt?

Which Plant Diseases Cause Small White & Black Dots on Leaves?

When small black or white dots begin appearing on the leaves of your plants, your plants could be showing the first sign of plant disease.The plants could be affected by one of several plant diseas... Read More »