Which foods and vitamins help your hair grow faster?

Answer "As many of you know, I am going to tell you the truth, as I know it, about hair. So the answer to "instant hair growth" is that there isn't any. There is no magic bullet. If you want to go from... Read More »

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Should I take B vitamins to help my hair grow faster?

Take BIOTIN.. biotin helps make your hair and nails grow so fast!!! You can buy it at like cvs pharmacy for $5 or less. Happy growing.

Vitamins To Take To Make Hair Grow Faster?

If you have suffered hair loss because of poor eating habits or because a physical illness or condition prevented you from eating as you should, you should know that certain vitamins can cause your... Read More »

What Vitamins Make Hair & Nails Grow Faster?

Your hair and nails are made of a fibrous protein called keratin. The amount of certain keratin molecules determine stiffness, more keratin bonds make your nails hard, less keratin bonds make your... Read More »

What foods encourage hair growth or how helps hair grow faster?

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