Which foods and drinks would you recommend, if I'd visit your country?

Answer doggone american food is so... AMERICANIZED (go figure!)______________________________________…if you were to visit my PART of the usa, i'd make sure you had...~walleye dinner, fresh fish right f... Read More »

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What foods and drinks do you think I should try, when I visit your country :) ?

I'm from Persia/Iran...Try...-Ghormeh Sabzi with rice (its my fave... its veggie stew with chunks of meat and beans)-Zereshk rice with chicken (I personally don't like it... but I know ppl love it.... Read More »

What 5 local dishes would you recommend to tourists in your country, and why?

Singapore being a melting pot of various cultures, races and religion is a fantastic place to embark on one's journey on the Asian cuisine and many others. But to recommend something to a tourist, ... Read More »

What types of alcoholic drinks would you recommend?

I'm only 15 and I drink so I won't be lecturing you xD I like to drink Kristov blue lagoon and orange it's 9% but really good :3 the orange flavored pretty much just tastes like alcoholic orange ju... Read More »

Which of these two drinks would be better for your body and why?

The Americano. No sugar. And there's not as much caffeine in espresso as everyone thinks, truly. You may get jittery, sure, but it would wear off, not to mention that you can also get DECAF and be ... Read More »