Which food is more common in your meals everyday?

Answer I live in Northern Europe, in Scandinavia. We prefer to have either domestic foods like fish or meat with potatoes. Salmon (both rainbow troat) and Atlantic salmon are popular. Wild animals like m... Read More »

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How to Plan Everyday Meals for Your Family?

This is a good one. At the end of a busy day, no-one is really interested in spending the kitchen time and hardly anyone has the energy to be creative.

What Are Common Uses of Oxygen in Our Everyday Lives?

During the early 1770s, the work of two scientists -- one from England and one from Sweden -- led to the discovery of oxygen, an element on the periodic table. Through heating several compounds, th... Read More »

My aunt is diabetic Help with meals and food please!?

There is a lot of info on the Diabetic Diet online. You should also look up the Glycemic index.Cereal is typically a bad idea. 0 grams of sugar doesn't mean it is good for a diabetic. The carbs in ... Read More »

Can you get nutrisystem meals with a food stamp card?

Under the USDA food stamp program, NutriSystem meals can be purchased with a food stamp card since they are considered to be food. Other weight-loss programs and health supplements that can be purc... Read More »