Which food has the most concentrated source of energy?

Answer Foods like hamburgers and steak that contain fat have the most concentrated source of energy and are high in calories, according to the Mayo Clinic. Fat has nine calories per gram, and carbohydrate... Read More »

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Is food a source of energy?

According to, you derive energy through food. Your body transforms the chemical energy found in food into carbohydrates and stores them in your muscles, liver, and as fat reser... Read More »

What is the major source of energy for food chains?

A food chain is a linkage of how living things acquire energy from another living thing. Plants are the major sources of energy in a food chain, because they are abundant. Plants are consumed by an... Read More »

Is food the source of energy for most living things?

Yes. All living things need food for energy. Humans and animals must consume food in the form of plants and other animals. Plants and some bacteria use sunlight to process their own food through ph... Read More »

What is the ultimate source of energy autotrophs use to produce their own food?

Autotrophs are organisms that produce their own food from simple inorganic molecules. Almost all autotrophs use the sun as their ultimate source of energy. For instance, plants are autotrophs that ... Read More »