Which food grows fungus the fastest?

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Does light affect the rate at which mold grows on food?

Mold requires no light to grow on food or any other substrate, and the presence of light will not influence its rate of growth. Mold establishment and growth requires only four components: mold spo... Read More »

Is the fungus that grows on trees edible?

You can eat some fungi that grow on trees. Examples of this include oyster mushrooms and Artist's Conk. Some species of fungi that grow on trees are not edible and some are even poisonous. Do not e... Read More »

What type of fungus grows on iris plants?

Leaf spot or Mycosphaerella macrospora is a common disease on irises, especially bearded irises. Particularly prolific in wet or humid weather, leaf spot appears on the upper half of iris leaves a... Read More »

Which food will mold the fastest?

Food that tends to mold the fastest is food that is stored in moist, warm conditions. Mold grows relatively quickly on juicy fruits and vegetables as well as on moist breads and cheeses.Source:Wha... Read More »