Which font?

Answer Professionally, 12 is usually the norm, and New Roman or Ariel (bold), but take into account the person you're sending it to, they may need a bigger font style (from 12 upwards) if they're elderl... Read More »

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Which font is easier to read Cambria or Arial Which one do you like more?

I personally like the compressed look of Cambrian because it gives the text an intense look and implies the reader to read on, however Arial is easier to read and let's the reader continue reading ... Read More »

Can I print a font which is not installed on the computer which is connected to the printer?

If you are using MS Word, you can save True Type fonts by changing the options under Tools & under the Save tab select Embed True Type fonts with the document. You can try taking the font files wit... Read More »

Which font is the best for marketing?

On One Hand: Sans Serif Fonts Are More ModernSans serif fonts---those lacking any sort of finishing detail on the vertical end of characters---are generally used to represent more modern, sleek ide... Read More »

Which font is used for the logo of ESPN?

the dont that is used id AMERICAN TYPE MASTER 101. Not many computers have it but it is correct :)