Which flowers symbolize Valentine's Day?

Answer Red roses traditionally symbolize the emotions of Valentine's Day, being associated with love, remembrance and passion. White roses are associated with purity, and pink with happiness. Carnation ... Read More »

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What do certain flowers symbolize?

Flower symbolism has been practiced since ancient times, but peaked during the Victorian era when non-verbalized emotions were necessary to conform to the values of the times. Flowers symbolize val... Read More »

What do the colors of flowers symbolize?

Many people are particular about the type of flower when choosing a floral gift. But flower color is equally, if not more, important. Each color has its own emotional message.Red and PinkRed flower... Read More »

So where did everyone end up eating on Valentines day?

Went to Muriels Jackson Square then out dancing at Bourbon Pub

How to Make a Valentines Day Card?

Do you want to make a Valentines day card, but the problem is you don`t know how to make one? Just read the steps and you will know how!