Which flower part becomes the seeds?

Answer A female or hermaphroditic flower contains eggs, or ovules, housed in an ovary. Once these eggs are fertilized, they develop into seeds. The eggs are fertilized by two sperms contained in a pollen ... Read More »

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Which part of the flower attracts insects to the flower?

Theres 2 parts of the flower that attract insects and that is the bright coloured petals and there scented and also the nectary attracts them too

What is the center part of a flower called that is often sticky&makes seeds?

The center part of a flower that is sticky is the stigma. It is located on the top of the female reproductive parts of the flower called the pistil. The stigma is sticky so it can collect pollen wh... Read More »

Which part of a flower receives pollen?

In order for pollination to take place, the pollen found on the male part of the flower must find its way to the female part of the flower. This female part is called the pistol and it consists of ... Read More »

Which part of the flower receives pollen?

According to the University of Rhode Island, the stigrma, located on the pistil, is the part of the flower that receives the pollen. The ovary, also located within the pistil, bears the ovules that... Read More »