Which flea medicine is the best for a dog's treatment?

Answer On One Hand: Advantage is Safer for Younger AnimalsAdvantage's active ingredient is imidacloprid. This drug is applied topically and stops fleas from biting within three to five minutes of applica... Read More »

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Can I use Advantage flea medicine for dogs on a cat?

On One Hand: Identical FormulationThe chemical used in Advantage flea medication is the same in both the commercially available dog and cat formulas. The only difference between the two formulas is... Read More »

Should Pregnant Women Be Around Dogs' Flea & Tick Treatment?

Polynomial equations of the second degree (also known as quadratic equations) can be awfully difficult to solve. Sometimes you have to reduce and factor them, while other times you're forced to use... Read More »

The Best Flea Treatment for Outdoors?

Fleas exist in different stages of life within an environment. There are adult fleas, larvae and eggs. Because adult fleas lay up to 50 eggs per day and keep the cycle going continuously, it can be... Read More »

Which one do you feel is best among modern medicine, homeopathy, ayurveda or any other system of medicine Why?

Meditation along with raising Kundalini because it prevents illness. : )