Which flavor of corn nuts compliments a full bodied merlot the best?

Answer Man, I do love ranch corn nuts with an ice-cold box of red wine.

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Which flavor of Faygo is the best (your opinion)?

rockin rye of course. they had a diet chocolate flavor, but i guess it's gone now :(

Which flavor of Mad Dog 20/20 is the best accompaniment to Linguine with Clam Sauce?

The "Lemon-Ice" flavor would pair well with the seafood element, but my fear is that the earthiness of the dish would overpower the delicate flavors of a good 2009 Lemon-Ice. I think you should tak... Read More »

Which hair style do you get the most compliments?

when they are not tied , I mean when I leave them open. I wear hijab so when people see my hair open they are amazed cuz my hair are quite long. tc, keep :)cute avatar pic, struggle !!!

Which is best hd ready or full hd?

HD the resolution of HD Ready is often lower than FULL HD and the HD tuner is missing. The latter is not important if you are going to watch Sky because the SKY box replaces the tuner function. How... Read More »