Which flavor of Faygo is the best (your opinion)?

Answer rockin rye of course. they had a diet chocolate flavor, but i guess it's gone now :(

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Who is the BEST... I am trying to find out which one of these singers/rappers is the best... your OWN opinion?

In my opinion I would choose "Eminem"but since he is not on your list I will have to say: Lil wayneKanyeTITpainAkonSoulja boy

Which country has the best food in your opinion?

I would have to say Jamaican food, I love things HOT and spicy, pan chicken and pork (jerk), curried chicken and goat, mannish water, black cake aka wedding cake or rum cake, eskovish fish, peppere... Read More »

Which movie in your opinion has the best soundtrack?

Why, Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock, 1958.It has one of the most memorable and compelling soundtracks ever.

High end receivers.. Which one in YOUR opinion is best. And why?

First off, I don't like Denon because from my experience with several of their home theater products (remember the AVR-5600?), I had reliability issues that ended up being expensive repairs.I like ... Read More »