Which firewall is better to use with Avira?

Answer ComodoI tried both and Comodo was better.Comodo will have a ton of pop ups when you first start using it, but they stop once Comodo is done learning all of your programs.

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Of the free anti virus which is better Avira or Avast In what way If you had both would they be inconflict?

Avira may have a better detection rate (just slightly) but Avast has 7 more things included in it at no cost.....Avast hands down is the clear winner...Has 7 active scanners, 6 are deployed upon st... Read More »

Which better for scan : Avira Free or Avast Free?

Use the AVAST dude. That is the best and fastest and you ain't gonna need other software either. Plus it is free and you can register for a full year.

Is Avira better than Kaspersky?

you can definitely make that argument, it was tops in detection rate last year and still is ahead of KA this year, has an awesome real time protection and is truly an incredible program, i would NE... Read More »

Can i ask what better antivirus in windows 7 core i5 microsoft security essentail or avira?

Use Microsoft Security Essentials its free and provide high level of security for...,