Which fertilizer works best scotts pennington or garden safe?

Answer cold water

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Is Preen safe as a vegetable garden fertilizer?

Preen is not a fertilizer. It only prevents seeds from sprouting. It prevents your vegetable seeds as well as the weed seeds it is intended to target. They sell an organic variety that is specifica... Read More »

Is sheep Manure safe to use as fertilizer in a vegetable garden?

Yes, but it is better if it has aged and ask the farmer what drenches he gave the sheep and watch out for weed seeds if it is fresh manure.

Scotts Fertilizer & Pets?

The Scotts Company produces a variety of gardening products, including fertilizers. Fertilizer types such as those intended for flower, garden or lawn use have some precautions and may be toxic to ... Read More »

Scotts Fertilizer Safety?

Scotts Fertilizer is a common lawn product used to stimulate growth and prevent insect damage or weed infiltration. There are several types of fertilizers sold under the brand. The Food and Drug Ad... Read More »