Which famous French architect designed Sanderson's floating sleigh beds?

Answer The Sanderson is a fashionable, elegant boutique hotel in London's West End. Famous French designer, Philippe Starck, designed the silver-leaf sleigh bed, which can be enjoyed in some of the more e... Read More »

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Which architect designed the sailboat hotel in Dubai?

The Burj Al Arab, a 321-meter tall hotel, which resembles a sailboat, was designed in 1999 by Tom Wills-Wright. The hotel was constructed on a private, man-made island near Dubai, United Arab Emir... Read More »

In what year were loft beds first designed?

The loft bed was invented by Earnest D. Shaw. He filed for a patent in April 1982 and received it in November 1984. Lofted furniture helps save space, especially when children must share a room.Ref... Read More »

What famous church in Vatican cityitaly was giacomo della porta was the architect?

Giacomo della Porta's most famous church is probably the "Chiesa del Gesù" (lit. Church of the Gesu) in Rome. He also participated in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican (if I'm not mistaken, he worke... Read More »

Giacomo della Porta was the architect of what famous church in Vatican City Italy?