Which eye color is the best when you are talking about human?

Answer 177.83 kilometres (110.5 miles)

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Which color is brightest to the human eye?

Any color that we see depends on the light sent to our eyes, as light is imperative for humans to have any perception of color. White light is sent from the sun, from which all colors evolve, and i... Read More »

My dad got BT infinity, because everyone was talking about it and it was supposed to be the best...?

BT infinity is a con.The fibre optic they use is only in between the exchanges.You still are using a telephone line between you and your exchangewith all it's inherit problems.The BT Infinity will ... Read More »

I want a good performing flat screen about a 27 inch or there about, which brand is best & has the best price?

i have a samsung LED and have had it over 5 years ive had no problemsALSO:::Purchasing a new TV can be confusing, especially if you are trying to decide whether to buy an LCD TV or an LED TV, hopef... Read More »

When you say the phrase, 'Now that's country', who are you talking about?