Which eye color is the best when you are talking about human?

Answer 177.83 kilometres (110.5 miles)

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What color is the human brain?

The human brain's natural coloring ranges from a variety of pink and tan tones, and the inner portions are white. Although the brain is sometimes referred to as "gray matter," the thinking muscle i... Read More »

Which color is brightest to the human eye?

Any color that we see depends on the light sent to our eyes, as light is imperative for humans to have any perception of color. White light is sent from the sun, from which all colors evolve, and i... Read More »

How does the human eye perceive color?

Color shapes our perception of the world and informs us about our surroundings. We take our ability to perceive color for granted, but it is actually a complex process that involves multiple compon... Read More »

What color is the human eye most sensitive to?

Of all the colors of the spectrum, pure bright yellow is both the most noticeable and most fatiguing to the eye. The brightness of the color yellow reflects the greatest amount of light, stimulatin... Read More »