Which ethnic cuisine you enjoy most?

Answer persian,or middle eastern. Kebobs, salad basmati rice........delicious. very tasty. you'll love it!

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Which of the following is your favorite ethnic cuisine?

(*^o^*)OTHER: Japanese♡Sushi…♡Sashimi…~DELICIOUS!(^_-)-☆

How to Identify the Ethnic Origins of Cuisine?

In multicultural regions and cities culinary trends often reflect the many different races and cultures that inhabit that location. Because different cultures are constantly being introduced into t... Read More »

What is your favorite Ethnic cuisine?

I am with you: Chinese and Mexican! But right now my whole family is into Vietnamese. There is a restaurant nearby and we have been eating there a lot. Thank goodness it is not expensive at all... Read More »

What's your favorite Ethnic Cuisine?

Thai and Turkish! They are just so amazing...My favorite Thai food is either spicy Pad Thai or Spicy basil noodlesMy favorite turkish dish is doner kabob or iskander, i love that the meat tastes he... Read More »