Which estrogen pills should I take I want to look like Justin Bieber?

Answer ahahahahahahaha!!Well there's a cheaper prescription that I'll tell you in secret...just open and close your jacket a BUNCH of times.If that doesn't work, I hear rolling around on a pool table for ... Read More »

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Star this if you don't like justin bieber! Do you like justin bieber?

Did you know that Daniel Radcliff thought Bieber was a girl when he first heard his songs? lol

How to Be a Justin Bieber Fan?

Hey! Are you interested in Justin Bieber, and are you thinking about becoming part of his fanbase? Well, it's not as simple as deciding to be a 'fan'. There is actually a lot of work into becoming ... Read More »

Is Justin bieber on BBC three?

Yes, they do get married, although Maid Marian dies right after they say their vows, and the king gives Robin his signature ring as a wedding band.

Could you go out with Justin Bieber?