Which episode of Warehouse 13 features Myka getting stuck in Alice's looking glass?

Answer Some time in 2011. No date as of yet. Source ( guess is February Actually, it's more than likely to be July of 2011. SGU, ... Read More »

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Putting aside the fact that Aaron Ashmore AKA Steve Jinks is joining the cast will Joanne Kelly AKA Myka Bering be appearing AT ALL in Season 3 of Warehouse 13?

Which episode of warehouse 13 do they go back to WW II?

I stuck my penis into a glass bottle and now it's stuck. What should I do?

You will not get it out yourself because the suction will keep it there. You have to go to the hospital and get it off you have no choice. i am sure doctors have seen worse things like men shovin... Read More »

How to Remove a Glass Stuck Inside Another Glass (Vaseline Method)?

Sometimes, especially if glasses have been stacked for too long, it can be near impossible to get them unstuck. If you've found two glasses refusing to budge, follow these steps.