Which energy bars will be helpful and still healthy?

Answer i suggest eating an apple. this will keep you awake, trust me. if you must have a bar, i recommend a protein bar by the brand pure protein. have it with a banana.

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If i get fit and eat healthy, will i still die.?

Im going to New york in September, and my friends will be under 21, can we still get in2 clubs and bars?

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Which gas will have more kinetic energy: CO2 or N2?

Kinetic energy is the energy of atoms or molecules colliding with one another. At any given temperature, carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and nitrogen (N2) gas have the same average kinetic energy. When th... Read More »

Are power bars healthy?

On One Hand: Power Bars May Be a Healthy SupplementPower bars may be a healthy supplement to a balanced diet and exercise routine. Many brands are fortified with useful vitamins and minerals that y... Read More »