Which element has the highest density?

Answer With a density of 22.5 at 20°C, Osmium boasts the highest density of any element. However, many of the artificially-manufactured elements, including Seaborgium, Meitnerium and Hassium, poss... Read More »

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What periodic element has the highest density?

Osmium is the periodic element with the highest density. It is twice as dense as lead. Osmium as a metal is hard, brittle, and has a bluish-white luster. It can form very hard alloys with platinum,... Read More »

Which element has a density of 0.53?

Metallic lithium exhibits a density of 0.53 grams per cubic centimeter (g/cc). It ranks as the third-least-dense element, behind only hydrogen and helium, which are gases with densities of 0.09 and... Read More »

Which element has the greatest density?

Osmium is the element with the greatest density. Part of the platinum group of metals, osmium was once used in compass needles and in the nibs of high-end fountain pens. It was discovered in 1803.S... Read More »

Which element has the lowest density?

The element hydrogen has the lowest density. In its natural gas form hydrogen's density is just 0.000089 gm/ml. Liquefied hydrogen has a density of 0.07 gm per cubic centimeter, and solid hydrogen ... Read More »