Which electronics company manufactures the best flat screen tvs?

Answer This is a matter of personal opinion. I personally think that Sony manufactures the best televisions. I have a Sony and a Samsung, and I think they are both good.

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Which company manufactures the best flat screen televisions?

Go for a Sony Bravia you wont be dissapointed,i love mine,if you look on the internet youll get a good price for 1,the electrical stores are quite expensive compared to the net.If you email me i ca... Read More »

Which brand is the best when purchasing a flat screen tv?

Sony because they always have high and great quality while at great prices. Vizio is too but Samsung might be a better choice since their TVs are big and cheap

I want a good performing flat screen about a 27 inch or there about, which brand is best & has the best price?

i have a samsung LED and have had it over 5 years ive had no problemsALSO:::Purchasing a new TV can be confusing, especially if you are trying to decide whether to buy an LCD TV or an LED TV, hopef... Read More »

Which is better for Christmas, a flat screen TV or a flat girlfriend?