Which electronic cigarettes have the most nicotine?

Answer Me this and any of them you just have to choose which amount you want

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How do you extract nicotine from electronic cigarettes?

Send it back and order the liquid without nicotine.

Are zero nicotine electronic cigarettes still dangerous, to a non-smoker?

its not water vapour, its propyl glycol.human lungs are designed tobreathe in air, and only air;anything else is harmful.Ecigs contain toxic andsynthetic chemicals, thats whythey remain banned in m... Read More »

Do light cigarettes really have less nicotine?

Light cigarettes do contain less nicotine than their regular counterparts. The nicotine content of light cigarettes ranges from 0.6mg to 1mg, and the nicotine content of regular cigarettes ranges f... Read More »

Which site is fully trusted to buy electronic cigarettes in UK-please tell me?

E cigarettes have created revolution in the smoking industry. Many people of different age are getting addicted to it everyday. There are various flavors of e -cigarettes available in the market.Yo... Read More »