Which drink is stronger- tequila or rum?

Answer You really need to look at the alcohol percentage on the bottle.

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How to Drink a Tequila Shot?

In Mexico, tequila's homeland, people often drink it straight, sometimes with a side of sangrita. Outside of Mexico, however, it's common for tequila to be served as a shot, along with salt and a s... Read More »

What is the correct way to drink tequila?

Drinking tequila properly involves more than just sucking on a lime and licking some salt. There is a specific order that should be followed to correctly consume the Mexican alcohol. Tequila is dis... Read More »

How to Drink Good Tequila?

According to connoisseurs, tequila is misunderstood and improperly drunk by Americans. Notably, good tequila does not come in plastic bottles, should not be drunk on frozen drinks and does not have... Read More »

What drink is tequila most often mixed with?

The most popular drinks today that are made with tequila are margaritas and tequila sunrises. A tequila sunrise is simply tequila mixed with orange juice. The splash of grenadine is just thrown in... Read More »