Which dpi is good for scanning photos ?

Answer Scan at 600 dpi and you will get the same result. What is important is the setting on the printer. If you print at 1200 dpi, the outcome will be just as if you scanned it at high resolution. I prin... Read More »

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Is there any kind of auto-feeding scanner good for scanning old photos?

As mentioned by LadyGeek, scanning photographs through an ADF will cause problems.Additionally, dust and grit from old photos will cause minute scratches on the glass that are unseen by the naked e... Read More »

Scanning photos?

Does your phone have internet access? If so, you should be able to email them to yourself.

Scanning old photos, how much dpi?

Always as high as possible. You can always reduce them later. Remember, you're only doing it ONCE.

Scanning Photos for Beginners?

You can use either a flatbed scanner--or an all-in-one printer that has a built-in scanner--to scan printed photos. When you scan a photo, you create a digital image of that photo and store it in t... Read More »