Which document was written in 1848 and oulines the proposed rights of women?

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Is a written will a legal document?

Yes, a written will is a legal document. Though a person can write a will with or without the help of a lawyer, a lawyer must sign a will in order for it to be official. A lawyer will also carry ou... Read More »

What was the first document written to govern the United States?

The first official document written that was put into effect to govern the United States was the Articles of Confederation.

Which scientist proposed three laws of planetary motion?

Johannes Kepler is the scientist who proposed the three laws of planetary motion. Using the data of mentor Tycho Brahe, Kepler created the three laws which are the Law of Ellipses, Law of Equal Are... Read More »

Well i have scanned a document using a scanner,how can i make it editable i.e a word document which i can edit?

Pretty simple, you need an OCR application. It will convert the image into text file. Download from here: